to eat

to shop

to explore



  1. Let the spirit of Marrakech envelop you! It’s all about discovering and what lies behind hidden doors as you wander the streets or sitting on a terrace sipping mint tea as the muezzin sings his call to prayer.
  2. Prepare to spend hours drinking mint tea and haggling with a smile if you buy a carpet.It´s a national sport here. As a wildly general rule, expect to pay around a third of what you first quoted.
  3. Allow yourself to get lost. You’ll never workout the maze of streets that make up the Médina  and souk on a short visit here. Just remember that you can always ask in a small shop for the direction of Place Riad Larousse and you will directly find the way back to the house.
  4. Please know, that taxi drivers should put on the meter.If not, then don’t negotiate a price. Just tell them where you want to go and pay 20-30 dhs for a city ride during the day and 50 dhs at night. And always carry small change to pay.
  5. Book a hammam. Book three hammans! It is the ultimate Moroccan experience, consisting of being slathered in black soap and scrubbed until you feel reborn. Particularly useful if you’ve had too many cocktails the night before;).      There is a really original one just around the corner. You can ask Fatimzarah to show you.
  6. Go down to Djemaa El Fna just before sunset. It’s world heritage site for a reason, so grab a coffee on a roof terrace and watch the square come alive with storytellers and dancers as night falls.
  7. Take a look at Yves Saint Laurent’s Magic Place. If you go directly in the early morning hours, it is wonderful and not as crowded as in the afternoon.

Better don’t

Attention please

  1. Worry too much about checking your emails. The Gettys came here to party, Churchill to plan and reflect. But if you must, just use the Wifi Code, is written on the router.
  2. Follow a man who accosts you outside the house. He will „show you the way“… No, he will just show you the carpet shop, spices shop and force you to pay…
  3. Get upset that you haven’t got a TV. My aim here is to help you relax-not catch up on CSI.
  4. Get too caught up about prices in the souk. Obviously you don’t want to be ripped off, but pay what you feel something is worth to you, even if it’s a few euro more.
  5. Wander around in a mini skirt and vest top if you’re in the Médina. Marrrakchis are very tolerant but I advise covering shoulders and above the knee if possible.
  6. Get to distressed by the odd smell of drains. The Médina is ancient and so is the plumbing. What can I say? Just see with a smile as an extra ambience.